The Older We Get The Worse The Fall

January 27, 2019

Non-Slip Services Naples

Did you know that your chances of slipping and falling increases each decade of your life? No matter the location, whether that be in a residential property, in commercial or industrial work environments, at the swimming pool, and even in the swimming pool, people slip and fall all the time. It’s a scary and life threatening accident to happen. Even if you are being cautious, you can still easily slip and hurt yourself on slick or wet surfaces. That’s where Non-Slip Services anti-slip flooring treatments come in.

We are your floor safety specialists, offering slip-resistant solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Our job is to keep your floor slip resistant, so your mind doesn’t have to be occupied with the worry of accidentally taking a harmful, and possibly even fatal, tumble. We have an ample selection of anti-slip products and treatments that are available to you.

It’s no secret that slipping and falling is dangerous and something to be avoided. Just take a look at these shocking statistics from the National Floor Safety Institute. That said, in our initial post, we’re going to be listing out the reasons as to why anti-slip flooring is essential for the overall safety of whatever surface you’re on. If you’re a homeowner or own a business and oversee employees, investing in quality anti-slip coatings and solutions on the floors, stairs, and even garages will benefit you in the long run. 

Prioritize Safety

If you’re a business owner, the safety of your staff and employees is a priority for you. Not only do you want to keep those you work with as safe as possible for their well-being, but dealing with slip and fall accidents in your workplace can become a long, drawn out, and maybe even legal process. By ensuring that the surfaces, floors, and stairs in your work environment are safe and non-slip, this will help your team of staff members with occupational health and safety compliance. Not only that, but if you own a client-facing business, chances are you will have customers and visitors. The last thing you want is for those visiting you to slip, fall, and potentially hurt themselves. With effective anti-slip solutions, you can ensure that everyone who walks through the door, whether that be a customer or an employee, is kept safe from slip and fall accidents.

Keep A Steady Workflow

Business owners, this one is for you! Being distracted by accidents is not only unsettling, but can definitely disrupt a workflow, not only for a day, but perhaps for a few weeks depending on who and what gets hurt and damaged due to the accident. When you are considering installing an anti-slip floor treatment in your work environment, take into account the time that you will be saving by covering your bases now rather than cleaning up and dealing with a mess after it happens. Taking the time and investing the money now to coat your floors with a slip resistant coating can save you time in the future. Not only that, but it gives you peace of mind to continue throughout your day, rain, snow, or shine, knowing well that your employees and assets are going to be safe from a nasty slip and fall accident.

Save Money

Just like lost time, lost money can really put a damper in your workflow. We understand — investing in a non-slip treatment might be a big decision for you, whether you are a homeowner or are a business owner. But think about the money you could be saving from preventing an accident from ever happening in the first place. Reducing the chances of you, a family member, or a staff member of getting hurt from a slip and fall accident that you could have avoided in the first place will save you money, time, and peace of mind in the long run.

If you’re looking for slip-resistant solutions to keep any surfaces around you safe for your family members or employees, look no further than Non-Slip Services Naples. We have a variety of effective solutions to keep your surfaces resistant to slipping. If you have any further questions, and want to get a quote for our services, give Non-Slip Services Naples a call today.

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