Anti Slip Garage Floors 

Industrial Grade Epoxy

"Preparation is the Key to Success" when it comes to Epoxy installation. We have a 15yr proven track record. 

  • Life Time Warranty
  • Full Flaked, Marble, Neat
  • No Hot Tire Pick-up

Rubberized Surface

The newest way to protect our garage floor! Soft on the feet yet very Anti-Slip. It's like Magic!

Many colors to choose from

  • Soft on the Feet
  • Chip Proof Scratch Proof
  • Able to take a beating!

Warehouse High Traffic

For High Traffic areas. You could drive a tank on this stuff and it isn't going anywhere! Long lasting, and made to last!

  • Forklift Traffic
  • Airplane Hangers
  • High Grade Material

What is Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

An epoxy garage floor coating is NOT same as garage floor paint. Garage floor paint normally is a latex acrylic product. Some paints will have a small percentage of epoxy added to the mix to make it more durable than standard paint, but it is still paint.

Epoxy is an actual thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating. It is formed when you mix one part epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener. The hardener acts as a catalyst and is what gives epoxy its strength.

Unlike paint that has to dry, epoxy cures. When the two parts are mixed, a chemical reaction is started which creates an exothermic curing process. This curing process produces polymer structures that are closely cross-linked giving epoxy its superior strength and durability. The end result is a coating that is much thicker than paint and bonds tenaciously to a properly prepared surface.

What is Rubberized Garage Floor Coating

  This is a very tough yet flexible non-slip coating for use on fiberglass, concrete, wood, aluminum, and steel. Ideal for pool deck, splash pads, wooden decks & commercial applications.  This coating is made from recycled material is is 100% Environmental Safe. Not only are you making you home safe, look amazing, and adding value, you are helping to get rid of the trash left all over this planet. This Anti Slip Rubberized coating holds up to heavy traffic and will last for years.

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