Slippery Pool Treatments

Q: When Would You Need Anti-Slip Pool Treatment?: 

Answer: Your pool deck is tile and you love the way it looks. Keep it looking the way you love, but let's make it safe for you and the family. Non Slip Services is Florida's only Anti-Slip treatment company that guarantees your treated area to stay well above OHSA and ADA standards.

Click the video below to get a overview on how the process works! 

  Wet, slippery surfaces is the number 1# reason for slip and fall accidents around the pool recreation area.  Non-Slip Services  treatment and process is the solution to the problem of slippery dry/wet surfaces. Tile Treatment is not a coating, will not peel, and completely invisible. Non Slip Services treatment does not affect the appearance of the tiles. The result is not visible, but it is very noticeable. In the ever-increasing “claims culture”, we give the treated area certification that will help against slip and fall lawsuits. Our Anti-Slip Products can be use both for Residential and Commercial Use!

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