We Can Apply Anti Slip Treatment or Coating  

On Any Slippery Surface

Slippery Tile Floors

No matter what the price you paid for the tile, most of it is very dangerous when it become wet. Our Anti Slip Tile Treatment can keep you safe around the house no matter what liquid is on the floor.

Don't Slip on a Wet Floor Again!

Dangerous Patios

Is your Patio or Lanai slippery when it gets wet? Did the contractor or old owner put the wrong tile down? We can help, keep it looking amazing, and Don's Slip and Fall when it Wet. We can treat or coat any surface to make it safe to walk on for you and loved ones

Scary Walkways

No matter if your walkway is inside or out, we can make sure that the chances of slipping and falling are very small. Have you already fallen? Why wait to have it happen again? Call today for testing, and free estimate!


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