Re-Surface Your Pool Deck To Look New!

      Your time spent in the area around the pool should be just as relaxing as your time spent in the pool. Non Slip Services pool deck resurfacing concrete provides a way to rejuvenate your concrete pool deck without draining your bank account. Old, worn out pool decks can be resurfaced using our proprietary concrete pool deck overlays that can complement or contrast with existing surroundings. When we give you a quote, we keep in mind that your budget is important and should get what you pay for.

     Plus, our assorted pallet of custom-colored finishes can either create an area that blends with the existing surroundings.

Why Choose Non Slip Services?

 Re Surfaced Concrete: not only looks fresh, but is exceptionally durable. Non-Slip Services pool deck resurfaces are designed to resist damage from constant water exposure, harsh pool chemicals, and abrasive elements.  You won’t need to apply anything to your deck, your pool will maintain its new look with our UV protective coating. 

      Our overlays are not only durable and beautiful, but also safer than a traditional concrete or a wooden deck. You and your guests will remain more sure-footed around the pool thanks to our overlay’s slip resistant surface. 

If you, or your family has already had an accident you need to make sure it doesn't happen again. Serving Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, Collier County, Lee County and all of Florida.

Rubberized Coatings:   Created by Non Slip Services of Naples  is a state of the art, WATER BASED, SINGLE COMPONENT acrylic/urethane copolymer with recycled rubber crumb as an aggregate. This environmentally friendly coating is extremely durable and designed to adhere to most substrates with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance rendering them non-slip.  Rubberized Non Slip Coatings  contains no VOC’s, is odorless and can be applied on almost anything. 

Unlike epoxies, Rubberized Non Slip Coatings is also very flexible making it chip and impact resistant.  Rubberized Non Slip Coatings  will handle wear from foot traffic to forklift and automotive traffic.  Rubberized Non Slip Coatings is an air dry, air cure coating and is non-flammable.

       Non Slip Rubberized Coatings are water-based, single-component products, created through a unique process of cross-linking urethanes, acrylics, and co-polymers, and utilizing recycled rubber crumb as an aggregate.  These coatings are designed to provide an attractive, highly durable, impact resistant, non-slip surface.  We are so excited to share this amazing process to Southwest Florida!

        This is a very tough yet flexible non-slip coating for use on fiberglass, concrete, wood, aluminum, and steel. Ideal for pool deck, splash pads, wooden decks & commercial applications.  

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