Long Lasting Rubberized Garage Floor Coatings

Cost Effective Garage Floor Coatings That Last!

Rubberized Non Slip Coatings is a state of the art, WATER BASED, SINGLE COMPONENT acrylic/urethane copolymer with recycled rubber crumb as an aggregate. This environmentally friendly coating is extremely durable and designed to adhere to most substrates with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance rendering them non-slip.  Rubberized Non Slip Coatings  contains no VOC’s, is odorless and can be applied with a roller, low pressure spray gun (hopper gun), Typical thickness is approximately 30-40 mils. 

Unlike epoxies  Rubberized Non Slip Coatings is also very flexible making it chip and impact resistant.  Rubberized Non Slip Coatings  will handle wear from foot traffic to forklift and automotive traffic.  Rubberized Non Slip Coatings is an air dry, air cure coating and is non-flammable.

Available in 21 UV resistant colors.

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