Don't Slip In The Shower or Bathroom Again! 

Treatments and Coatings Will Not Change The Way Your Surfaces Look!

Treatments:  When we apply a Anti-Slip Treatment, we will be changing the surface on a microscopic level adding up to 800% more grip! The treatment is completely invisible, but when it's wet.... you won't need to worry about slipping.  See the video below for a complete explanation! 

Coatings:  Often times there is a need to actually apply a Anti-Slip Coating. The surface will be prepped, and made ready for an Industrial Non-Slip Coating to be applied. This coating is invisible, and only can be noticed when touched.  Again, See the video below to get a clear explanation of the process.

Anti-Slip Showers, Tubs, and Bathrooms

 Your bathtub, shower, and floors are typically made of ceramic, tile, or fiberglass. When wet, these surfaces will become extremely slick and hazardous. Often times, these are the most dangerous surfaces in the home. If you’re a landlord or homeowner with children or senior citizens in your building or home, investing in anti-slip coatings for your bathrooms is a must to ensure their safety.

Tile Showers

There are a variety of different options when choosing tiles for your shower. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very popular and are available in a wide variety of colors. Glass tiles are also popular, as they can be used to create distinctive designs. Some people prefer the natural look of slate or granite. These tiles typically have a smooth surface which can be slippery, especially when wet. Please do not wait, contact us today for a free quote and allow us to help make your tile shower more slip resistant.

Fiberglass Showers

Fiberglass is reinforced plastic finished with a polyester gel coat. This gel coating creates the characteristic smooth, glossy finish that makes fiberglass a popular, affordable option for showers. This smooth surface can be slippery, especially when wet. We have the right product to help make your fiberglass shower more slip resistant.

Acrylic Showers

Partially because of it’s high-gloss surface, Acrylic is a popular choice for bathtubs and showers. It is an affordable option for those that want the visual appeal of the glossy finish without the expense of a steel bathtub. Acrylic’s smooth surface can be slippery, especially when wet. We have the right product to help make your acrylic shower more slip resistant.

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